Ubuntu 13.04 from a "normal user" persective

this is a totaly objective personal account of using ubuntu 13.04 from a relatively normal user perspective, i must say, i have used ubntu and other version of linux in th past, not for incrediibly long periods of time, but i have used them and i have had to dig in to the forums and do a bit of stuff in command lines when it has screwed up in some way, but i am in no way a linux master or a power user etc.

Right, now thats out of the way, let me tell you the system im running this on, first of , im not really taking performance accurately because im was running ubuntu from a usb flash drive.

AMD Pheom II X6 1045T , six core, 2.7Ghz

4GB DDR2 1600Mhz RAM

ASRock N68C-S UCC Mobo, intergrated Nvidia GeForce 7025

now, i conducted this test fro a few days, and i approached this as a normal user who knew how to google things, i didnt change from unity back to gnome, or change it to KDE or cinnamon or mate or any other window manager, i used it as it came "out of the box" and i actually really liked it, everything was kinda of easy to find and use, setting up wifi just worked, downloading chrome was easy as any other OS, the ubuntu software store was useful for a "normal person" to find things.

there were a couple of things i found weird, like if you had multiple file explorers open and stufff trying to find the right one for me was a bit hit and miss and the way they "stacked it" was weird.

performance, was actually incredibly good seeing as i was running it off of a standard USB 2.0 flash drive, so i was pleasently surprised that i didnt see many slowdowns or graphical glitches

Unity, isnt as bad as people are saying it is, at least in my opinion, i understand if you are a heavy linux guy(or gal) and you just want to get shit done you want to get it done without any flashy animations and swoops etc, which is great, but for the lay person, i think unity works, it looks really rather pretty for a desktop UI, i feel like i could run ubuntu on my mums laptop and she wouldnt have a hard time learning how to use it , there'd obviously be a learning curve as there is with anything, but it wouldnt be incredibly drastics switchin to OS X or even Windows 8 for some people (though i found windows 8 to be stupidly easy to use even tohugh i dont have a touchscreen for my desktop or a trackpad).

so to kinda sum it up, ubuntu 13.04 from a "normal user" is that it isnt actually to bad and is actually kinda user approachable now, it's something i wouldnt hesitate to tell my even slightly techie friends to use, because it just seems really easy now, and the forums and communities of ubuntu and the entire linux community is great, i had an updating problem where when i updated i couldnt use the wifi anymore and i couldnt connect to the internet, a quick hop on the forums from another laptop and within about half na hour, i had found an answer and fixed it.

so yeah, Ubuntu is really kinda great, and so is Unity ,at least to me :)