Why Chromebooks are terrible.

Chromebooks are terrible. Absolutely dreadful. Do you want to know why? Misinformed consumers. Yep, the most repeated phrases following up the topic "Chromebook" "It's just a browser", Just a browser that can use many an app offline and can dual boot Ubuntu, "Chromebooks are a paper weight offline", really? I could have sworn there was an entire offline app section in the Chromebook Google store. Honestly if people weren't so ignorant to the progress of the Chromebook, it would sell like hotcakes, and yes, "the future (could be) is chrome". Chromebooks have a plethora of advantages that make them worth buying, they're cheap (Pixel aside), they run a light weight OS, hence the quick reboot, turn on, and wake up times, they're the most secure computers at the moment, Chromebooks have yet to be hacked. This means no anti-virus software is needed, there is no bloatware, and the OS is the manifestation of simplicity, seriously, my little sister could probably master the OS in 2 minutes flat. They come with a good amount of free cloud data as well. So why aren't they selling, well like I said, too few are properly educated on them. They may not be for everyone, but I believe they could be for the wide majority, average consumer, power user, and otherwise. For now though, they'll slowly develop, and update further silently in the background waiting for you., every six weeks in fact.