So I want to try out WP8...

But the problem is, I can't really justify spending several hundred dollars for a Lumia 920 or HTC 8X. I recently found a website carrying the Lumia 520 for a piddling $220, and was wondering if anyone had any idea whether the user experience would compromised on this device. I realize it is likely that none of you own this phone, but does anyone have reason to believe I would be unhappy owning this phone so I can just play around with WP8?


Background for those interested:

I recently switched to iPhone after a couple years of owning various Android devices (and a Blackberry Torch before that). I am very happy with my iPhone 5, though I occasionally feel the screen is a bit small, especially if I have been playing around with my Note 2. (Yes, I was spending money like it was going out of style a few months ago.)

However, I really like WP8 and even owned a Lumia 920 briefly before deciding it wasn't worth the lack of apps. I would still like to own a WP8 device as a gadget geek, and I feel that with a few more features and more apps it could really be a daily-use platform for me.