Bought a used Chromebook from Amazon

I owed someone a favor and they'd mentioned they were interested in a chromebook, saw the $175 used chromebooks from the Amazon warehouse and ordered one for them, since they live in Canada, and Amazon wouldn't ship it directly to them, I had it sent to me and played with it for a few days.

I've had a ton of notebooks over the years and have a 3rd gen 13" MBA that I use daily

It was the worst feeling device since the netbooks of old.

It was a massive hunk of cheap feeling plastic, the keys, body, touchpad, screen felt just god awful, It was one of those, "Is this thing bleeding chemicals into my skin and giving me cancer?" feelings.

The touchpad was slow and imprecise, browsing was slow as mud, page renders were slow, the SD card stuck out of it's slot several mm's after inserted.

I haven't been this disappointed by tech since I bought a Playbook.

For about half an hour, I thought it might be a reasonable device to surf the web with, but it ended up feeling like something destined for the third world.

I can see why they made the pixel, but after using this thing, I was happy to mail it off and I hope I won't piss the guy off with the damn thing.

Anyway, back to using an i7 hackintosh I built this month and my MBA. Samsung-chromebook-2_medium