$900 HTC One Without Warraty, Should i ??

Hi, I live in Iraq, and HTC One just arrived, But it costs $900 Without warranty (even for 1 day),

But there is a company which can ship from USA to Iraq, the Shipping costs $60 But again NO Warranty, but at lest the device will cost less than $650,

i asked them about shipping damage and they said if its Damaged by the shipping we will refund you, but What if the HTC One has some manufacturing flaws like Gaps in-between the parts like the first batch, or has a scratch or any other thing, because i cant ship it back to USA, and i will NOT pay $900 for HTC One when its %50 less expensive

what do you think i should do, ship it from USA to Iraq and trust HTC %100 or play it safe and get another phone (Nokia Lumia 920 is $450 with 1 year warranty) and we have Lumia 820 in the house and 2 Android phone so ecosystem is NO issue for me, because Android's play store is NOT available in Iraq, but Windows Phone is,

What should i DO ?