What would you upgrade to

I currently have a Nexus 4 rooted running stock w/ franco Kernel but I still find it to have subpar battery life for me and I dislike having to carry around a battery or using it sparingly.

I am on Tmobiles UnCarrier plan and am thinking about selling the N4 to purchase either a iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4

The HTC One is not an option for me because I have used it a bit, my dad has one, and It looks beautiful but I find despite the amazing hardware its uncomfortable to hold, the power button is in the most uncomfortable place possible and the phone itself is just too big for its screen size.

My usual usage case is sending texts, listenining to music (Spotify but im moving towards Music All Access), Podcasts, Twitter, and facebook. as well as some mobile games every once and a while. I am also heavily entrenched into the google ecosystem so I am unsure how I would deal with IOS.

I don't mind the hardware of the S4 to much, and I'll be flashing stock onto it right away so that isn't an issue either.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?