I fixed the bzzzzzzzzzz in the Google Play Music web interface with Fluid

So, the final straw was yesterday when a song froze and made the horrible bzzzzzzzzzz sound that didn't go away after closing Safari. Freaked me out, but thankfully only lasted a minute. I've been having this issue ever since the access pass was introduced the other week.

So I figured that it could be Safari and its memory issue. I have a hard time with having pages stop working and all that. So I decided to isolate the player in its own instance, and use CSS override to remove some of the distracting things like the Google bar and Google+ buttons.

This was my end result:

It might vary depending on how big you make the window, but it's a lot less cluttered and works very well so far. The bzzzzz used to happen every listen, and now I haven't heard it for over six hours.

Here's the instructions I wrote this morning:


I don't know if this is an issue on Windows too, but if it is, I bet doing something similar will fix it too.