Google has to fix this Android issue (LAG)

Forget all the new Google services Google is working on and Android 4.3 or whatever is coming out. You know what I want from Android? A no lag experience on even the lowest of phones. Why is it that Lumias and iPhones with horrible specs outperform a nexus 4 on day to day swiping and browsing (Chrome sucks too BTW) .

The Nexus 4, GS4, HTC one, and all of the android high end phones are smooth, but then anything mid range or low end is MISERABLE. And even the high end devices still aren't as smooth as something mid range iOS or WP8....

Google! All I want is a TRUE project butter! And please do not say "But I tripleunlockedjailbrokerootedandoverclocked my android and it's smooth! Don't be a blind fanboy, we all know that android lags even on the best of specs.