What the hell is Google's plan for Motorola?

I have to say I was really looking forward to Google I/O this year I marked it on my calendar and everything. I can't say I'm disappointed with what they are doing with Android because I think it will really help deal with the forking issue they've been having but I really wanted to see something from Motorola.

I love Moto as a brand, the DROID was the first Android phone I ever owned. With all the new stuff coming out from Samsung, HTC and Sony ( The ZL is Awesome BTW ) I am wondering what the hell is Google's plan for Moto?

I expected them to kind of roll their Nexus line into Moto but that doesn't seem likely considering that they already have "Google Versions" of the HTC One and the Galaxly S4 which will all ship with Vanilla versions of Android.

I heard a lot about this "X-Phone" which sounds awesome, great battery, indestructible etc. But when?!

I keep hearing that they have great plans for Motorola but it just seems like Google is dropping the ball and letting companies like Samsung and HTC run the field with Android.

The only thing I can imagine is that Google is waiting to compete directly with Apple by launching the Xphone around the same time as the iphone 5S/6. A lot of people were saying that Google was afraid of companies like Samsung running away with Android but it's becoming increasingly clear that Google has no worries at all about other Android venders.

Which leads me to believe that it they are preparing for all out war with Apple with really sick, super high end products that will compete with the iphone and ipad head on and will follow a similar marketing structure to that of Apple one or two major products launches a year. Everyone is talking about the battle for the third spot in mobile, be it BlackBerry, Firefox, or Windows Phone but I think the number 3 spot is going to be Motorola.

What do you guys think?