Now I Care About Windows Phone

I've been a long time Android (Nexus) user, however I've always sort of liked Windows Phone. I never got a chance to play with one, but the OS intrigued me. Even then, I always jumped on the "who cares, it's a failed OS" train whenever I would hear complaints about WP (such as missing apps or features)

I finally caved recently and bought an 8X to check out, and boy, this thing is awesome! I really love the design, the way the apps all look, and the way you navigate. Even though there are a lot of weird little things that are missing, I could get past them. There's one thing causing me to sell this phone now though: Google.

I never realized just how deep into Google's ecosystem I was. I constantly find myself hopping on my Nexus 4 when I actually need to do something. "Where's my package?" Jump to Google Now. "How do I get home from here?" Jump to Google Now/Maps. "Send a message?" Jump to Hangouts. "What was that tab I left open on my computer?" To Chrome!

There's really a problem here for people like me who rely so heavily on Google's products. I just can't make it work with so many crucial services flat out missing. I love the phone (hardware and software), but it just wont work out for me. I'm leaving this experience with some new opinions though. I really want WP8 to succeed. I understand why people like it so much, and now I understand the complaints about missing apps and features. Microsoft needs to ramp up it's updates like never before. There are so many features that are mission critical, but are nowhere to be found because Microsoft is a sloth of a company who doesn't take their own products seriously. Also, they need to find a way to entice companies (rather than taking ludicrous potshots at them) like Google to bring their services to WP. It's absolutely going to kill the OS if it doesn't get corrected, and that would really bum me out.