All Sky UK apps on Google Play compromised, delete them for now

All Sky apps on Google play have been compromised by the Syrian Electronic Army, including the Sky News app (1,000,000 - 5,000,000 installs)



The timing could not be worse, a Sunday in a extended weekend (Monday is a bank holiday) where many people are travellng and using Sky Go and News apps.

Sky is now asking all it's users to remove the apps from their phone:

UPDATE: All Sky's Android apps were hacked and replaced... please uninstall it, And we will let you know when it will be available - @skyhelpteam

It's not known at this point what the compromised apps did, but it's quite possible that Sky login details would have been compromised. The News app also has far reaching permissions, including reading your phone number and calls details, so more could be a stake.

I think this incident with such a high profile app raises an important question. Should we keep saying that common sense is enough for protection or does Google really have a malware problem they need to address?