A Non-Gamer's Review of the Top 3 iOS Racing Games


After a long time away from MidnightClub 3, GranTurismo 4 and Need For Speed on consoles, I decided to check out what the mobile field looked like for driving games.

But I'm cheap, so they all had to be free.

FF6 The Game


As of this post, Fast & Furious 6 is the top-downloaded racing game on iOS. I was surprised a movie-branded game had made it so far, but I figured it was worth a go.

Despite it's ranking, I still didn't get my hopes up for an amazing experience out of a game made for a movie and my suspicions were unfortunately correct. Don't get me wrong: the graphics look great, the sound and the controls are superb and I had no trouble with lag or latency in my 20 or so minutes of gameplay. The issue was more fundamental:

You don't actually drive...

In fact, for a game based on a movie about a bunch of street racers who drive whatever they want, wherever they want, however they want, this game is ironically restricted. The car accelerates on its own down a pre-determined track allowing you the "driver" to switch gears, activate the nitrous, and occasionally drift around a corner.

You never feel out of control

I'm generally awful at video games. I love them, but I'm naturally terrible at them so when I was halfway decent at this game, I knew something was up... In the console games I listed in the introduction, I would constantly burn out, hit a building, my car would blow up, etc... In this game, however, I either won or I lost. Boring.

CSR Racing


CSR Racing is another popular choice, but unfortunately this game has many of the same problems as FF6...

I haven't done any real research, but I actually think that the FF6 game is based off of CSR Racing's own design because they're ridiculously similar, though of the two FF6 has more features and is ultimately a better game.

I won't really go into too much depth seeing as from my perspective, this game shares many of the disadvantages as FF6 without the great graphics and added abilities like drifting for extra cash. Before the review I would never have believed I would come to this conclusion, but if you have to choose between these two, download FF6.

Real Racing


This was by far the superior game. Real Racing offers a rich gaming experience with detailed graphics, distinct exhaust sounds, multiple camera angles, social racing with Facebook integration, a huge selection of cars and challenges... The list goes on. It's a great game and for the price of free, it can't possibly be beat.

When it comes to a review, I write the least when an app is truly worth the download. If you loved GranTurismo, get. this. game.

All of that said...


These games are all great for their respective players but they all have one big problem: In-App Purchases. I understand game developers have to make money and I'm not about to rattle of reasons why In-App purchases are terrible. Instead I make the case for spending a mere $0.99 for Need for Speed and getting a game where you're not constantly prompted to buy more "gas" (CSR), or where some cars are only purchasable with "tokens" (FF6). Real Racing does do the least pestering of the three, but it still occasionally prodded me to spend some real-world cash on a game that was supposed to be free.

All this said, I can easily say that of the top driving games in the iOS App Store, Real Racing is the one most worthy of the bytes on your iOS device. In fact, it's the only one I'm going to provide a download link for.