'Arrested Development': How are you watching the return of the Bluths?


A new season of Arrested Development has finally arrived courtesy of Netflix, and it brings up an important question: what's the best way to watch it? Rather than telling a linear story, each of the 15 new episodes is told from the perspective of a different character — sometimes covering the same event from a different point of view. It originally led to the new season being billed as a comedic riff on Rashomon, where episodes could be viewed in any order. However, creator Mitch Hurwitz himself wrote today that the new season should be watched chronologically.

How are you handling your new visit with the Bluth family? One massive weekend binge, taking small episodic sips to make it last, or pinging around as the moment strikes you?

And perhaps even more importantly — do you think the new season lives up to the glory of Arrested Development past?