Dumpster Diving.

I was just walking on the street, past a block of apartments, and out the front someone had dumped a pile of unwanted bits and pieces, including a couple of PCs.

Now how could just I walk by? The cases were fairly recent model Coolermasters, so I was pretty sure these weren't some old Pentium II boxes. So, to hell with anyone looking at me, I pull off the side of the first one, and it's been gutted. An empty case. But the other case ... ahhh. I score 8Gigs of Corsair 1600 RAM, a Radeon 5750, and an AMD 240e CPU. None of that is cutting edge, but it's nice. The RAM will end up in my PC at home. The video card is still good enough to upgrade someone.

So, what have you scored out of rubbish?
Out of a dumpster, or a pile of crap in front of a house.