Who is excitied for the future of Windows Phone?

As someone who has been using a Windows Phone 7.5 device since December 2011, I have been increasingly optimistic about getting a new device, as well as the upgrades coming. I know a lot of people like to complain about the "little things" (orientation lock, 1080p, separate media/ringer volume, notification center, custom text ring tones etcetera etcetera) yet, I love my phone as much as I did when I bought it. Does it have a number of limitations based on its software and hardware limitations? Yes it does. Yet at that same time I am man that when I buy something I stick with it through thick and think (unless its absolutely god awful). I knew going in that my phone would not have the latest and greatest apps and games, it would not be as feature rich as Android or iOS yet that did not matter to me. My phone does what it does well. I love that and that does not change my opinion of it. Now I am definitely getting a Lumia 928, I am very excited to finally have a Tumblr app! Among all the other goodies that Windows Phone 8 brings. With Build coming up and the Windows Phone 8.1 or "blue" updates I could not be more excited for Windows Phone as a platform. I feel this may finally be it, the thing that everyone is always waiting for! All the things that people have been begging for on forums, blogs, social media, comments on The Verge, etcetera; will finally come to fruition. I expect to be amazed by what they bring. I hope that Microsoft will finally start getting more market share as well as mind share in the United States. Granted it is very difficult yet, I feel it can happen.