What's it like to switch to Android?

I've been an Apple fan for as long as I can remember. And for almost three years now, I've been an iPhone user, and a loyalist (don't call my a fanboy). I went from my first dumbphone to an iPhone 4, which I had for two years, and enjoyed it very much. This Christmas I upgraded to an iPhone 5 (factory unlocked), and it's been a joy to use. It's fast, it's light, it's thin, and it does everything I wanted in a phone.
Or so I thought.
Recently, my peers have been showing of their latest Android gear, and it's got me thinking. I played with a friend's HTC One the other day, and I have to say, the hardware is amazing. The curved back feels nice in your hands, and is much more comfortable than my iPhone. And now that there's rumours of a stock Android One floating around, it's peaked my interest.
However, I've invested a lot into the Apple ecosystem. I e bought countless apps, and recently I've bought a bunch of music off of iTunes.
Now I know I won't be switching anytime soon (this iPhone wasn't cheap), but when the time comes for a new phone, I want to have all my options ready.
And this is where you guys come in. I want your insight into the switch. What's it like? Is it hard? Was the fact that you couldn't transfer the hundred of apps you purchased on the iPhone to your new phone tough? How did you manage? Because Android is tempting now, and in a year or so when I upgrade, I bet the competition will be even better.
So let me know what you think! Is the switch manageable, or will my ties to Apple been too hard to sever when the time comes?