XB1: Another look at the X720 leak

Some of you may remember an "Xbox 720" leak half way through last year.

So... how accurate was it?

Close, but not perfect!

  • Blu-ray, TV and gaming are all there. The box itself looks really close to the final product.
  • Microsoft didn't actually mention DVR capabilities.
  • The "remoting server" capabilities are entirely possible since it's based on Hyper-V with Remote FX support. I guess if this is coming we'll here more about it at E3.
  • The "always on" capabilities are there as well. As is the ability to mix-and-match different media sources



The future for XB1

Based on the accuracy of this leak I think it gives a fair amount of credit to the "future" plans outlined by the leaked document

"Project Fortaleza" glasses are listed as a 2014 release. I wonder if Illumiroom is related to this, or perhaps a replacement/fall-back alternative?

"Cloud gaming" is listed as a 2015 release. The X720 leak talks about a service that sounds a lot like OnLive. This is a possibility due to the architecture of the XB1 (x86 + Hyper-V) but it sounds a lot different to the cloud rendering that Microsoft mentions in the XB1 reveal.

Perhaps the cloud rendering Microsoft revealed is only stage 1 of a multifaceted cloud gaming service to be rolled out over the next few years.