My vision about the future of digital magazines.

A magazine is a framed collection of content that is distributed at regular intervals.


In the 21st century, a digital magazine should not be static pages. It should be rich with today's arsenal of multimedia - images, animated images (gifs), animations, interactive content, videos, links, etc.

The current method of packaging a digital magazine is scanning its pages as they would appear in real world, compressing them into image/document(pdf) files, and distributing to the user through the App Store magazine section. The user then downloads the large bulky file, and reads it page by page, flipping through, what essentially are technically, "images in a fancy gallery app.".


Then there are ads. Maybe there is a better way to package ads too, but thats a different discussion.


Image/document files are big, not interactive and quite frankly, very ineffective. A 40-50 page magazine can have a file size of up to 100mb. Thats a large file to download. A much better method would be to treat the magazine like how a web browser treats a webpage.

Essentially, what I am saying is, the magazine should be written in HTML/CSS and other standard web technologies such as Javascript, WebGL, etc. These are more than capable sets of technologies. It is not difficult to write beautiful websites in a short amount of time because of the array of tools that are out there today. Moreover, a simple piece software can be written to increase efficiency even higher and manage the production in a more sustainable way, similar to how Wordpress has revolutionized blogging - anyone can come up with a blog, completely tailored to their unique needs, in less than an hour, by using the multitude of amazing software people have written for it over the years.

A HTML/CSS based webpage is also much more efficient at presenting content than standard image/document file formats. (unless all pages are images anyway). It is also much more flexible with interactive content.

A HTML/CSS magazine would be downloaded entirely to a mobile device, and then viewed. Links would open up as expected (in a browser window) and other content would play just like it would on a browser. Javascript would compile and run natively. The whole experience would be much more pleasurable.


This is my opinion. I would like some opinion on this issue.

Let the discussion begin.