Please help me pick a TV box.

I was initially leaning towards the Roku 3, but am having doubts because of a few reasons, and much of it has to do with me living in Canada.

Reasons re-considering Roku 3

  1. One of the best parts of the Roku 3 seems to be all the apps for every service, but many of those apps won't be available in Canada.
  2. No Youtube app.
  3. I subscribe to most channels, but my providers set-top box is a nightmare, so I often pirate my TV episodes. (I do this for better playback, and because my PVR often fails to record the programs it was supposed to. It's really annoying) ...Anyways, lack of MKV support is a con. I think I will start using Plex though, and buy the premium membership; my content will be streamed from a computer, so it should be able to convert files and play them, but I'm guessing having native access is preferred.
  4. Changing DNS settings for Netflix on a Roku seems increasingly complicated. (I like to sometimes access the US netflix using blockless, so I sometimes change my DNS settings. But it appears that the ROKU 3 now wants your billing address to also be US based before letting you buy content..
  5. It's not sold in Canada (Roku 2, but the 3 for some reason isn't). I can still pay a bit more and get it from Amazon US though. So this is not a big deal.

The reasons I was initially leaning towards a Roku 3 is because:

  1. Fast and easy to use interface. Especially important since It will be mainly used by my Parents.
  2. The headphone jack in the remote seems like a feature my dad would use. (He often can't sleep at night, and stays up watching television.)
  3. The reviews are great.

To summarize my use case:

Netflix, Local content, and some Youtube (can be sacrificed if need be). Will be used by parents who aren't as tech savy, so simple interface is preferred.
Being able to easily change DNS settings would be great.

(I'm also an Android user, so the Apple TV's airplay would be of little benefit to me.)

Lastly, movie & tv show rental/purchase stores will not be used much, so they will not be a factor. As for other channels, my dad would likes to watch Tennis, but that's the only "special content" I can think of.