users with OUTLOOK.COM issues can real MS Expert i.e. YOU help

I have three devices
+ WP8 (Mail Client)
+ Windows 8 Laptop (Windows Mail) + Outlook 365
+ Windows Surface RT (Windows Mail)

On Sunday I received an update form my Windows Phone.

The update was great because it fixed the problem where the screen went blank, so I couldn't call friends and automated services, as I couldn't hang up or press #1 to talk to customer service.

After installing the WP8 update and carrying out a sync.

WP mail - 0 emails inbox / 0 emails inbox missing. - 0 emails inbox / all items in sent items.
Surface RT mail - all items in inbox / 0 items in sent items.
Win 8 mail - 0 emails inbox / all items in sent items.
Win 8 outlook - 0 emails inbox / all items in sent items.
I contact MS community - got a form email - Virus / Hacked / Deleted your own email.
I haven't had a virus or been hacked since Windows 7, and I consider myself a pro user who knows what the word delete will do.

Anyway I reset my password online as a precautionary manner and found that the Surface RT, Windows Phone and Outlook were still accepting my old password. Only Web Outlook required my new password - STRANGE.

Monday - as per Sunday
WP8 mail - all emails in inbox/ all items in sent items. (required new password in the afternoon)
Surface RT mail - as per Sunday (required a new password in the evening)
Windows 8 mail - as per Sunday
Windows 8 Outlook - as per Sunday (required a new password in the morning)

So with Windows Mail - you can't export or backup anything onto a HDD (although it's recommended you do, because MS aren't responsible for the stuff on the cloud)

Things are so all over the place. I pay for an office subscription, developer subscription, and I get form letter replies from the moderators.

Stuck with Microsoft because I believed they had their cloud solution worked out. Obviously not.

Are there any others in the same predicament.