The big "What can I do with Google now?" thread?

I guess I'd have a hard time finding a member of the android army who doesn't like Google Now.

However, I'm also having a hard time finding out all the stuff Now can do, or to be more precise, what commands Now can handle. The amount of available commands is constantly increasing, and AFAIK there's no official list.

That's why I'd like to collect the commands here and regularly update the post with contributions from the comments. So if you've got a command that's working but unlisted, share it with us. (Only requirement: Language setting English (US))

Here are some to get it started:


  • "What's the weather like?" / "Do i need an umbrella?" / etc.
  • "What's the weather like on Wednesday?"
  • "What's the chance of rain/temperature on [DAY]?"


  • "Remind me to [whatever] at 10AM/tomorrow/on wednesday"
  • "Wake me up at 10AM"
  • "Remind me to [whatever] when I'm home (Home has to be set in Maps)"
  • "What time is it in [place]?"


  • "Set an appointment tomorrow from 9AM to 10PM, meeting with children"
  • "Set a meeting on wednesday from 9AM to 10PM"

Location stuff

  • "I'm hungry"
  • "I want pizza"
  • "dentists/pharmacies/greek restaurants nearby"
  • "where am i?"
  • "distance to [wherever]"
  • "Navigate to [place]"

Getting Information from the knowledge graph

  • "Who is Barack Obama?"
  • "How old is he?"
  • "What's his education?"
  • "Who's the director of Schindler's List?"
  • "Cast of the Walking Dead"
  • "Movies from Bill Murray"
  • "What's this song?"
  • "How tall is Mt. Everest?


  • "Who won the game between [team] and [team]?
  • "next game of [club]"
  • "schedule of games"


  • "Send a text to [contact] [Message]"
  • "Send an E-Mail to [contact] [Message]"
  • "Call [Contact]"
  • "Call [whatever] in [wherever] (E.g. "Call Luigi's Pizza in Boston")


  • "convert 100 euros to dollars" (also works with meters/pounds/...)
  • "five plus thirty-eight"
  • "seventy times seven"

I'll add more soon, this is just to get you started :) Have you got any commands that are not listed?