This is ruining the Windows 8 experience

In a previous post today I asked whether going back to Windows 7 was an option for people using Windows 8. I said I couldn’t go back because of the speed improvements and because of the ‘Metro’ apps I use. However, over the period since launch, I’ve constantly gone back and forth between Windows 7 & 8. I’ve finally realised why and I can now have a solution to trackpad.

Windows laptops are pretty much always criticized because of bad trackpads. I honestly must say, even though I love Microsoft and Windows 8, this is true. It’s not Microsoft’s fault, but the OEM’s. I admit MSFT should’ve included a tutorial on how to use Windows 8 as well as other niggly bugs, but the biggest annoyance for me is trackpads.

There’s a reason MacBooks are known as the best Windows laptops. The trackpads are seriously the best on the market. As soon as I came into work today, I plugged in an external mouse to use with my laptop, something I don’t usually do. God, I had a FAR better experience with W8 than I’ve ever had before. Let’s just say that I’ll probably not be touching the trackpad on my laptop so much now.

Am I the only one thinking this ?