Is that a Samsung Galaxy Mega Hyper Ultra or are you just....oh yes it is a phone

I remember a few years ago when mobile phones were smaller. They were easier to hold, easier to use with one hand, easier to fit in the pocket without creating a huge bulge in your pants, although at the time, men did not wear womens trousers. Put it simply, phones were just better.

Now, times have changed. Mobile phone manufacturers are pushing their most powerful hardware into bigger and bigger phones. Slowly but surely, the phones were bursting out of the pockets of what people call mens jeans and now, they could barely fit into their pockets. People say that it is Samsung to blame for their Galaxy note. However, I think that the craze started even before that.

When the Iphone came out, everyone wanted a touchscreen phone. To them, it was just better. Except for the home button, you needed no physical buttons to operate it. Just tap and swipe and drag. It was just so simple. Soon, people started to play games on it. The touch gestures make playing screen on the small screen so much more natural and much more intuitive. People started to take more and more photos and sharing it with their friends.

That is where the bigger phone craze really starts. With these new features, the 3.5 inch screen seemed to cramp up very fast. Although the iphone size remained the same, its competitors kept increasing the size of their phones. Phones soon breached the 4 inch mark.

Now we have the giant that is the Galaxy Note and the freak of nature that is the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3. The original Galaxy Note, with its 5.3 inch Super AMOLED display, is still considered to be a large phone. I understand the appeal of the Galaxy Note if you're a power user but do you really need anything larger than 4.3 inches (insert lame penis joke here) if all you're doing is updating facebook and maybe playing bejeweled?

You could just say that I could stop my whining and just buy a small phone but smaller phones tend to get a bit more crap. Phone manufacturers seem to just rummage the discount bin and putting it on their smaller phones. This isn't much of a problem if you're a Windows Phone user since they run well even if the CPU are just hamsters running in its wheel. Most people don't use a Windows phone. They run android. Most android phones I've encountered run horribly with low specs.

Okay, maybe I am that weird 20 year old that finds it hard to follow the trend. But I'm sure I'm not the only one and I'm sure that there people that are just weathering the sea of oversized phones to just get a more powerful phone. Whatever it is, I hope that in the future, these geniuses would stop making phones bigger and bigger and really start creating a better phone and a better future for all of mankind.