A personal first look at the Nokia Lumia 928 & Windows Phones

I had finally bought my 928 two nights ago from a local Verizon store, and the experience on this beauty of a phone, was absolutely thrilling to me.

Before I set off on my praising and rantings of the 928, let me first start off by saying I used to be, and started off as, a bland iPhone user, from gen 1 to 4 I stuck with the same OS, the same design constantly greeting me with it's familiar glow, look outside and (at least in my area) you'll see at least half a dozen other happy iPhone users, so why make the switch? Well besides the obvious lust for a change of pace, one of the biggest things for me was Nokia, what used to be my favorite phone hardware company before the RiSE of smart phones, was calling out my name to check it out, so a few months back, I went to my local best buy (at least I think it was best buy) and took a look at the 920, I was simply mesmerized, I admittedly took little notice of the software, because the hardware was what really got me, the rainbow of different colors, the fresh (to me) look of something new, it was akin to a tropical exotic bird. Soon after I started taking an interest in this beauty, a best buy employee (these guys are like car salesmen sometimes) came over and starting bashing the device, saying it was too big, the OS was complicated (I CALL BS), and that the apps were non existent. So I waddled off thinking, well I'm not due for a new phone any time soon anyway, not to mention that the phone wasn't available through Verizon (my company pays for part of the phone plan if you use verizon), so it was a no go. Go back three weeks from present day, I start hearing things about the 928, a Nokia WP that uses verizon.
Well as you could imagine, as soon as I had access to a computer, I looked the little sucker up, there wasn't too much information on it at the time, but I watched the news of what was going on with the phone from that point on, Skipping along a few weeks, I finally decided to get one, I would keep my iPhone if it ended up being shit, and set off to buy one when the opportunity presented itself. Now here I am.

I've had about two days with this phone, first words to say about it, gorgeous, and I'm not only talking about the hardware, but the UI too, it was like nothing I've ever seen on a phone, the beauty (drinking game, take a shot every time you read the word "beauty) was astonishing, the screen was absolutely amazing, a true pleasure to my eye holes. The speaker was also pretty deserving of my attention as well, it's extremely loud, and it sounds pretty good for the most part. Enough about the looks though, because beauty isn't only skin deep. The next thing I noticed was how quick the thing was, lag was something I have yet to experience on this device, it's snappy, and nothing it does ever feels strained. The OS was simple as pie, took absolutely no time at all to get used to, and the live tiles makes the phone all the more efficient. The default browser was of course IE, which was quick, but dull, the simple fix for this was a download of a nice looking little broswer dubbed "UC Browser". Something that really turned my head was Bing on this phone, now on a PC you wouldn't catch me using Bing even if you paid me to, I'm not in the boat of people who use it because it's a product of Microsoft, but anyway getting back on topic, Bing was an amazing search engine for the phone. It's easy to use mobile layout looked really nice, and it makes consuming information a breeze. The only issue I have with it is when I search something using it, it brings up apps as well, which gets a little bothersome when all you are trying to do is get to the Youtube site, or search how to become the leader of the companions in Skyrim. The camera is just as good as everyone raves it is, not much more to say than that. This phone, much like that of Samsung to Android, is half Nokia and half WP, Nokia doesn't just stop at the hardware, it goes deep into the OS as well, it has plenty of apps that come with the phone, and all of these apps have been pretty splendid so far, and all of which are pretty productive or enjoyable. Speaking of apps (here it comes!), I really don't use many (oh, wait, what?), I've never found a huge interest in getting angry tomb runner ball man 3 or anything like that, sure I have a few of the bigger apps, but for the most part I use my phones as A.)s a phone, and B.) as a device to hook up to the internet. So this whole "lack of apps thing isn't an issue for me.

So all in all, so far, I love this phone, it is basically perfect for my needs, but is this phone good for everyone, no, far from it. Although the apps weren't an issue for me, for most, it will be. Many may also find the screen to be too big, and while I do love the size, it is taking some getting used to. The major Achilles heel is the apps though, apps have become the life blood of smart phones, and not only are there not enough of them, but the ones that are there just aren't as up to date as many would like, including myself. However I wouldn't put it past windows to say that there won't be more apps in their store in the future, because believe you me, this is the one major glaring issue with the phone, and as soon as they figure that out, they'll fix it, and who knows, maybe WP will stand a fighting chance against even the likes of Android.