Found: Best Windows Ultrabook

Samsung Series 7 Ultra

I'm on the market for a new laptop, I have 2006 Macbook Pro which is unable to run any sort of streaming video without overheating I occasionally try and use it at home for work but with it being so old and my workstation being a windows PC it's more a hassle than anything. So I found the Samsung Series 7 Ultra and looking at the specs I couldn't believe my eyes: I think I've found the best windows ultrabook on the market.

Basic Model: Core i5-3337U, Radeon HD 8550M, 6 GB DDR3, 128 GB SSD, Full HD, 13.3 inch IPS, matte.

The fact that the HD, RAM and battery are easily accessed and upgradeable/swappable (RAM to 16 gig) makes it unique in the ultrabook market, it has a matte IPS screen which I believe fundamental (yet very rare) for any sort of work and a discreet graphics card... am I the only person who finds this machine incredible ??? You can get the basic specs for about 800/900 euro here in Italy.

Fact is I haven't seen many people raving about it, infact I can hardly find any proper reviews except for MobileTechReviews. Was Wondering if you guys/gurls had an opinion or have bought the machine... what do you think?

Am I exaggerating or should The Verge do a video Review of this machine NOW!?!