Gaming Laptops: Would Love Some Suggestions

I am a graphic designer who likes to game. Since I only own Macs right now, I don't have many options for gaming (minus my Xbox/PS3). Once in college I built a gaming rig, so I know that having a custom desktop would probably be my best option. Having a family now and a small house, it doesn't seem viable. So, I would like to look at getting a gaming laptop on the side.

I've been reading that Lenovo makes good laptops. Also, that I should probably steer clear of ultrabooks if I want to game (as much as I want a light, well-designed laptop).

Here's what I want/need to have:

  • Preferably less than $1300-1400
  • i7 processor
  • High-resolution display (at least 1920x1080); preferably less than 15"
  • Good video card
  • Should at least look somewhat well-designed
  • Not toooooo heavy

I understand that these kinds of posts are somewhat lame, but any suggestions would be much appreciated. <3