Ebay account compromised

Hey guys,

Yesterday I received an email from notifications@ebay.ca telling me that my account had been compromised and that they had set my password to a random string(which they did not tell me). This was believable as I have had my ebay for a very long time and I tended to use the same password for most things when I was younger. I went to ebay.ca and went through the password reset mechanism. I thought of a new password that I had literally never used anywhere else and then I put that password through a special hashing algorithm that I had written myself specifically for passwords(easy enough that I can do it in my head if I have to but complex enough that it still kind of works) and I used the result. My new password was essentially a string of random characters that would be near impossible to guess.

This morning I received an email from them again saying that they were going to delete my account in 30 days due to inactivity. This made no sense as I obviously had to log in yesterday when I was resetting my password. A couple hours later, I received the same notice I had yesterday telling me that my account had once again been compromised and that my password had been reset. This does not seem right at all. Something fishy is obviously going on over at Ebay.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?