Americans, how would you pronounce my name?

Hello everyone,

I don't know where else to ask this (do you have any suggestions where to raise such questions?) so I'm trying my luck here. My name is Micha - I'm a German who's going to study in the United States starting this Fall for 9 months (probably NYU). I now wonder are you guys gonna have a problem with the pronunciation of my name? How would you pronounce it? In Germany it's pronounced like this:

If you think your peers could struggle with it, I have basically three options:

  1. Going with Mike (in Germany Micha is the short form of the name Michael, I rarely meet other people who are really called "only" Micha like me). Pro: The least problems; Con: Not my name
  2. Going with Jamie which is my second name. Pro: Actually kinda my name; Con: Nobody ever called me by that name and probably more of an adjustment for me
  3. A lot of explaining every time and living with the bad pronunciation when someone says my name. This of course depends on how much you Americans actually struggle with saying my name. Pro: No adjustment for me; Con: Probably hugely annoying for a bunch of reasons

What do you think? Anyone else had similar problems when he studied/ traveled/ worked outside their home county?