WWDC 2013 What i think that Apple will release.

1. Macbook air with Haswell and intel hd 5000. it has been 350 days since last upgrade and they avg release them on 322 days apart.

2. Macbook pro without retina will be disbanded. I´m going to give you 3 reasons why: 1. it is thick compared to macbook air and Retina mbp. 2. It has a dvd drive and wery few people use it anymore and Apple is a futuristic company. 3. It´s design is from 2008 and in laptops it is old.

3. Mac pro i think that it would be the one more thing. You can´t get current gen in Europe anymore.

4. Mac mini with haswell and intel hd 5000.

and of cource Ios 7 and new OS. I have no idea what they might bring for us in IOS 7. Please don´t be widgets.