iPhone truly is an amazing phone. :)

I very rarely make posts at all, but I just felt I had to make a post about iPhone. I'm still using an iPhone 4 after 2 years and I just have to say it still amazes me. I can only imagine how the iPhone 4S and 5 perform, but all I know is that the iPhone 4 still holds up today. After 2 years I'm still getting pretty much the same battery life I did when I bought it brand new in May of 2011. In other words I'm still getting a full days use after watching movies, listening to music and playing the odd game here and there. I admit that many of the newer games and graphically intense apps do run a bit sluggish when I've tried them, but all in all the 4 still performs wonderfully. At least for the everyday apps I use such as twitter, facebook, email apps etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Apple fanboy by any means. I recently purchased a Nexus 7 which is my first foray into tablets and I'm really starting to love Android as well. It just amazes me that after almost 2 years I've never had any major problems with my iPhone. (A few glitches aside after jailbreaking, but that's not because of my phone. I have to say that Apple has done an incredible job with the iPhone and after 2 years of nothing but great performance and the fact that it does everything I need it to after all this time, I'm very impressed with what Apple has accomplished with the iPhone and I can't wait for my carrier plan upgrade next year. (I live in Canada where most carrier contracts are 3 years) Hopefully by the time I'm ready the iPhone 6 will be out. Even though I'm beginning to love Android and absolutely love my new Nexus 7 tablet, I will always regard iPhone as one of the best mobile devices ever made. I'm actually ready to get an iPad for the first time now that I've experienced the tablet world with my Nexus 7. Great job Apple. Keep it up. :)