Fanboy wars getting out of hand?

Okay. Here we go again. Just like previous console generation releases, the fanboy wars are heating up once again. I've got no problems with that. Although I think in this day and age being a fanboy is just childish and stupid, but I guess some people need something to rant on about. What makes me laugh at this new fanboy war with the Xbox One and PS4 is that it's become a bit more complicated. You see back in 2005 when the Xbox 360 and PS3 were announced we didn't have smartphones. At least not like now with iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc. So since then we've had the birth of iOS with iPhone, the birth of Android etc. So now we've got multiple fanboy wars going on. It's going to get confusing. For example, what if I'm an iOS lover that wants an Xbox One vs. an iOS lover that wants a PS4? Or an Android lover that wants an Xbox One vs. an Android lover that wants a PS4? Get my drift. And what about the poor fanboys who use Windows Phone that want a PS4? I think fanboy wars are going to a whole new level. Which in my opinion has always been stupid. Here's hoping we can embrace all of this tech with love and not hate to one another. :)