PS4/XBOne E3 Guesses

What are people big guesses on E3 unveiling?

My guesses:


Show off the console

Intro next gen Move

Live demo of exclusives

Playstation Mobile/Suite available to PS4

Live demo of Vita remote-play/cross controller

Preview of Playstation App/Second Screen

Xcross game chat demo

Massive whoring out of Playstation+


More Kinect demos (hopefully with more ingame use like dead space 3 rather then pure Kinect games)

A lot of TV/overlay feature demos

Live excusive demos

More info/Live demo of Glass

More info on new Xbox Live

Cant wait to see all that comes though as I am on the fence for which system I want right now. Actually I would love if someone got to ask if you could hook a PS4 thru the HDMI pass on XBOne to have PS4 overlaid by XBOne... Xbox Play Playstation... haha.