How long does it take for Debit Card fraud to get Reimbursed?

I figure many of us buy from online shops fairly regularly. so we all probably know the dangers of online purchases. Well, I apparently wasn't safe enough and someone used my card on a spending spree throughout the United States. I informed my credit card company that my debit card was compromised the same day or next day after the transactions tried to take place ( I received two calls saying there were weird purchases on my card). They said they'd open up an investigation and likely send me an affidavit confirming which purchases were fake.

The way my company handled it was very nonchalant, which made me feel good, but I hung up before I got a chance to ask the big question: When do I get my money back?

I was hoping someone at The Verge might have had some experience with fraud and let me know what to expect. Days? Months? Or whatever.

Thank you!