anyone else indifferent about Retina on Macbooks?

I have an iPad 3 and was completely blown away with the Retina display and simply cant go back o non-Retina on an iOS device... ever. the difference is night and day.

however, I don't feel the same way when I look at my Macbook Air's screen. after the iPad I expected to be completely spoiled looking at ANY non-Retina display, but that's not the case for me when it comes to Macbooks or iMacs.

i can't really put a finger on why, but I just... don't care? it looks great as it is and it's not even 1080p.

sure, if they started selling rMBA's that'd be great, but right now it feels like it'd be a minor upgrade from what I have and is probably the least of my concerns when it comes to Macbooks.

I'd be more interested in a matte screen, black body, 7+ hour battery life, and/or an HD lens that doesn't face me. (that last one has more to do with me being lazy about setting up a tripod for my camera when I wanna record some tabletop stuff)

anywho, anyone else in the same boat?