I'm going to try and keep this short, since I intend it to be kind of a poll: does anyone use Rhapsody? And is it going to be among the first services to get kneecapped by Google All Access?

I ask, because I chose Rhapsody over the other services for a few reasons: good radio stations, plan-sharing across multiple devices, seamless local storage (including to SD), good interface (with a few kinks, but good), and of course pretty much universal selection for what I was looking for. Oh, and limited social, but no funneling your listening into facebook either...dealbreaker.

Rhapsody has always been the kid in the middle with the B+ grade average and no special talents (ah, maybe that's why I can relate?!?) It saddens me that it's mired in relative obscurity and seems doomed as a bit player in a field where Google is about to sweep up most of the chips. Maybe, this field is actually very scalable due to the nature of the contracts with the labels, and being small isn't a death sentence. But I've been using All Access, and I think it's nice - like an extension of the Play Store - but I don't think Google has earned a win yet. Plus, the way I feel about music, on a visceral, visual level, I don't necessarily want it to be a picture-perfect Holo-themed, Mountain View-approved UI, but something that stands a little bit apart from other apps.

Anyone else feel this way? Or not feel this way?