What would you like to see from iCloud?

Apple's biggest strength is no doubt its eco system, which is manifested by iCloud. However, it seems that it had not improved much since it was introduced with ios5. Let me explain what i mean.

With every new service of any sort you can imagine that not everything would work properly. Same happened with iCloud. But since then you would expect that bugs would be fixed and functionality - expanded. However, that does not seem to be the case with iCloud.

What bugs me the most is that it does not synchronize properly between devices and even if it does, the word "instantaneous" does not come to mind.

So - with iOS7 around the corner, i hope iCloud gets some serious attention.

What i want to see: improved performance and real synchronization. In terms of new features:

1.Fix iCloud APIs so that developers can use them with ease. Go to Setting->icloud and see how many apps use the cloud.... It is really frustrating when you get an app, say Real Racing 3, play on your iPad, unlock many stuff, and then when you go outside and open it on your phone - nothing....So better APIs for developers.

2.Random backup access : this is a must. Most people use 16/32gb regardless of the device. With hardware getting more powerful, apps size increases. You have to delete an app from time to time, but when you delete it, it gets removed from your backup next time when synchronized. And of course when you reinstall the app - all settings and data is gone... User app data is in the MBs so i dont see whats the deal with not being able to just keep it.....

3. Synchronized App Updates - update an app on one device, it updates everywhere else automatically.

So, what do you to see from iCloud in the near future?