If a mobile operating system can go through a mid-life crisis, Windows Phone 8 might be there: Devices have been on the market since late last year, there’s no major revision in sight (yet), and OEMs — mainly Nokia — are now at the point where they’re ready to release another volley of hardware. So without a publicity boost from a new version of Windows Phone, that puts a lot of pressure on these new phones to be particularly good.

And if Nokia has its way, that’s where the Nokia Lumia 928 could factor in. Verizon and Sprint have generally been soft on Windows Phone since version 7’s launch — the flagship hardware has mostly gone to GSM carriers, particularly AT&T — so the 928 fills a gap in Verizon’s lineup while warming over last year’s Lumia 920 with new audio hardware, a xenon flash, and a revised design.

Is the 928 the bump that a mid-life Windows Phone 8 needs to bridge the gap? A genuine hit on Verizon would be a huge boost for the platform — but is this the flagship Windows Phone that Verizon customers deserve? Let’s take a look.