One Week With The Lumia 521 – Why Windows Phone Won’t Sell

Background: I lost my Nexus 4 and figured with super cheap Lumia 521 going for $130 unlocked, I’d give it a whirl.

First I would like to say that hands down WP8 is the simplest, easiest to use phone OS. It is literally a joy to use. By this measure it is the best phone OS on the market.

But Windows Phone is still a fail.

Why? Because it is like using hieroglyphs. Microsoft went too far with the flat OS. It dominates everything. With Android u can have widgets that take up the entire screen in full color with crazy animations and rich media.

They say simple UX/UI is best, but not with operating systems (IMO). They way I see it:
1) Android: most complex, most features, most media rich on the desktop, most customizable = most sales
2) iOS: simpler and easier to use, less features, only icons on the desktop, less customizable = less sales
3) WP8: simplest, fastest & easiest to use, least features, only flat tiles on the desktop, least customizable = least sales