Xbox One vs PS4 Drama is hard to take

All the drama that has been going on since last Tuesday has been hard to take and way over the top. So to make sure I wasn't forgetting something I just went back and looked over at the PS4 reveal event again. Reason being is so many have expressed that MS didnt show anything and Sony showed everything. Of course neither summary is true.

Sony spent 2 hours revealing the PS3 and it went like this:

  • 1st 20 minutes talking and going over system architecture and hardware mostly in general terms. Showed the controller and talked about it again.
  • Then a graphics demo and unveil of a game called Knack
  • Then talk about resuming games quickly and social capabilities and a screen shot of the PS4 home screen (just a screen capture)
  • Then talk about how the PS4 is personalized to you and will predict games you will like.
  • Then talk about Cloud streaming and more social capabilities with Facebook, Ustream, spectating
  • Then talk about remote play with the Vita
  • Mention of streaming content like Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon, etc.
  • Then about an hour of graphics and game demos.
Contrast that to the Xbox One reveal where MS pre-announced that the games would come at E3
Microsoft spent one hour with the reveal and then some hands on with new Kinect:
  • Video introduction
  • Then Immediate reveal of the Xbox One
  • Then demo of the switching/multitasking capabilities of the Xbox One
  • Then demo of Media capabilities, Skype, Fantasy Sports integration
  • Then talk about architecture and hardware spec summary
  • Then talk about Kinect 2.0 and screen shot of new controller, mention of SmartGlass
  • Then talk about Xbox Live and In game video sharing
  • EA talks about EA Sports support and shows game demo footage
  • MS shows Forza 5
  • MS shows Quantum Break
  • MS announces 15 exclusive titles 8 are new IP for 1st year
  • Xbox Entertainment Studios and Halo live action TV show announced. Steve Spielberg involved
  • Announcement of NFL exclusive content deal seems focused on Fantasy Sports integration
  • Ends with Call of Duty demo

When I look back I see that both Sony and MS have a lot of work to do for E3.
Microsoft has to focus mostly on showing the games and to a lessor extend filling in the details about changes in used game licenses, internet requirements, Xbox Live plan changes (or lack thereof), etc. Games need to be real games, not just proofs.
Sony needs to show the console an go over the OS and the capabilities it has/doesnt have as it relates to game/content switching, streaming media services/TV, PSN plan changes (or lack thereof), any other license changes, etc. At the same time show more concrete information about games not just proofs.
Both need to discuss launch plans aka when, what games, pricing, etc.
In summary we just dont know enough about either to say which has the upper hand.