Totally Unscientific Note II v. One Camera test.

The wife, kiddo and I were pig piled in the bed this evening. My son was watching Team Umizoomi on the tablet while the wife and read books on our phones. I grabbed the wife's phone and snapped a picture and compared it to my Note II. Both taken in auto mode with no flash. It was near sunset and it was pretty dark in the room, with really just the tablet for illumination and a little bit of twilight coming through the window. Wish I had my iPhone on me because it's a little better than my Note II in low light with no flash. Interesting the One metered the scene almost two whole stops over the Note II. To the naked eye the scene looked somewhere in between the two probably closer to the note II's low exposure. But still I've been very impressed with the One's 4MP camera. I'll give up a little detail in the sunlight to pick up the extra light gathering capabilities of the One's sensor any day.

Camera: SGH-T889

Exposure: 0.067 sec (1/15)

Aperture: f/2.6

Focal Length: 3.7 mm

ISO Speed: 1000

Camera: HTC One

Exposure: 0.133 sec (1/7)

Aperture: f/2

Focal Length: 3.82 mm

ISO Speed: 1350