The Nook getting Google Play... Now the perfect tablet to encourage non-techies to get.

I have a Nexus 10 and I'm really happy with it, but trying to convince people to buy Nexus tablets is really an uphill battle. They hear all the benefits and their eyes seem to glaze over. They seem to just want to buy an IPad and the android tablet ecosystem suffers because of it.

What is great about the nook is that everyone has heard of Barnes and Noble and the Nook brand. With Google Play, I can now tell my family to get a Nook and it'll have all the same apps as the Nexus. This will make tablet suggestions much easier for family and friends.

Anyone share the sentiment, disagree or even plan on buying a Nook yourself?

PS Nilay Patel just tweeted that he bought a Nook HD for that express reason. Huh, maybe it isn't so crazy.