Post your Windows Start Screens & Desktops here !

I've seen posts about showing off your start screen, but never really seen one about here it is ! No matter what version of Windows you're using, post your start screens & desktops here !! So I'll start :



Clear desktop, don't really see the point in cluttering it with icons. Emmelie de Forest is the woman in the picture btw, she's one of my favourite singers in the world, and recently won the Eurovision Song Contest for Denmark (which I went to I'd like to add).



As for my Start screen, you can see I use few Metro apps. Despite this, I really couldn't go back to Windows 7 now. The Start screen is by far a better app launcher than the old Start menu. Plus, I'd miss those few Metro apps that I do use.

UPDATE : I thought why not add Start Screens to this thread as well.