Pop-Up Window Notifications

A lot of press has recently been given to the Paranoid Android team for the new FB Messenger Chat-Heads like "Halo" functionality. Kudos to them for this new approach to notifications.

However, I think there's a better way to achieve the same objective as Halo but utilizing the already existing Android notifications paradigm. When a user pulls down the notification shade and selects a notification, a pop up window should appear in the foreground, and the notification shade should disappear again. One can then read/reply/etc. without leaving the app that they're in, and then once the user is complete, everything goes back to teh app that you were in and there's no annoying Halo bubble sticking around.

So, When you click on a notification, it gives you a full preview in a c-h like window. For example, for texts it would be the whole conversation where you can reply back – basically just like the FBM c-h works currently. And then you have something like email where you can read the whole email and respond as well. After you’re done, nothing is left on the screen. Basically, I want pop-up windows when I select a notification in the notification drawer.