Jeff Bridges is famous for what he does in front of a camera, acting in iconic roles such as Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski in The Big Lebowski. But the Oscar winner is a masterful still photographer as well. The International Center of Photography recognized Bridges' work behind the camera, this week at its 29th annual Infinity Awards, and The New York Times spoke to the actor about the honor.

"My photography is mainly focused on my work making movies," Bridges told the Times. "I think I have a perspective that not many people have." "I think I have a perspective that not many people have." His camera of choice is a Widelux, which shoots on film, in a wide, landscape format. Thanks to a lens that moves on a turret as a photo is snapped, Bridges' images sometimes come out blurry or distorted. "I look at the camera as sort of a missing link between motion picture photography and still photography," Bridges said.

In 2003, Bridges published a book of on-set photographs, called Pictures. You can see some of his work on his personal website, and in The New York Times piece. On the acting side of things, Bridges' next role likely won't win him an Academy nod. He's starring in RIPD alongside Ryan Reynolds — an adaptation of the Rest In Peace Department comic book series.