Help outfitting medical office?

Our small medical office is transitioning to electronic records. As the resident tech nerd, I'm charged with selecting the hardware and deciding how we'll implement it. So I have to consider things like tablets, laptops, touchscreen all-in-ones, mounts on swivels, etc.

I'm doing all kinds of research and part of that includes opening discussions in some forums around the web.

- this has to be windows based

- windows 8 is not preferred

Do you guys have any suggestions regarding things (even specific products) to avoid, to prefer, and ideas about things to consider that I may not have thought about?

EDIT: for the record, there are 3 exam rooms, and the space is fairly cramped. Then we also have 2 receptionists, and 2 to 3 office desks. I'm leaning toward preferring laptops for the exam rooms and all-in-ones at the desks, but the doctor seems to prefer tablets that dock into a station on a swivel mounted to the wall. The problem is that he seems to expect touch and mobile interfaces, but I think windows 8 should be avoided (the applications tend to recommend XP Pro or 7), and the applications are 100% NOT optimized for touch interface.