Simcity - Your honest opinion on its current state?

So I've held off on getting Simcity because of the problems its been plagued with at launch. Lately, however, I've really been wanting to scratch an itch and am considering jumping in and getting it over with already.

Has the game improved at all? Would I be able to find people to play with the day I install it? Would my $40 be better off spent elsewhere?

Keep in mind, I'm in no way a "hardcore" Simcity player, so if it's missing certain features that SC veterans are used to, I probably wont even notice them. I mostly like these types of games because of its laid back feel and a great way to take a break from twitch games with nothing but guns and explosions. I am mainly interested in how it's more like a beautiful interactive ant farm to me.

Man, I really wish they'd make a sequel to "The Movies"....