Thoughts on all the new phones coming out

Hey everyone,

All these new phones are coming out with all these features to set them apart, with their enormous screens and gimmicky features. All these phones are great and I am not saying they are horrible, like GS4 it is a good phone but it has all these features on them that make no sense. The screen is huge, I have a IP5 and I feel like it could be bigger, maybe 4.3 inches...but I feel 5 inches is just too big to use with one hand, and also comical to put in your pockets and on your ear. What do you guys think? Are big phones good for the consumer, or are they just a way for companies to set themselves apart and bring in people that way? Are the gimmicky features and the giant screen size that come in these new phones useful? I feel like they are not..because in the end of the day it is just a phone and nothing big...if you want a multimedia device you have a laptop or tablets...

Just my two cents.