That's it! Acer R7 it is

Acer R7 meets almost every aspects I needed and even offers better solutions over the current choice.

First, 15.6" and very versatile display placement options are my main reason. For some reason 15.6" always interpreted as low end laptop with 1368x768 display AMD or Celeron chips. I have bad eyes and 17" are mostly gaming and too bulky to carry.

Second, build and design is very attractive. I don't care where the touchpad is, it has a touchscreen and I have a mouse.

But still, I'm not going to buy it right away (I'm planning to upgrade my 1st Gen i5 laptop this summer). I might wait for Haswell option (probably in 3-4 months), and also reviews on the hinge quality.

Anyone offer me better 15.6" ?