Your Experience With A Chromebook? (offline)

So I'm seriously considering getting a samsung chromebook as a secondary machine. It's had fairly good reviews, and I understand all the limitations with the screen/build quality Etc. so that's not a great concern.

What I'm worried about is the OS. Primarily, how does it function when you're offline? I know the whole point is to be online, but these things are highly portable, and I'd want to be able to at least write documents while on a plain/train etc etc.

I read this article which is a little bit silly and uninformed (TL/DR - Chromebook virtually unusable offline):

The Frustrating Truth About Google's Chromebook

But still, what is the reality. She makes out like you can't even log in without a wifi connection, is that true. I'd like to at least be able (without wifi) to boot up from cold and log in, write a document, watch a this possible?

I know also that chrome apps that work offline are now identified by google to make things a little easier, but in reality what is the user experience like with the offline mode of these apps?

Aside from that, I'd love to know what people's general experiences are.