Tim Cook's rational for no larger screen iPhone OUT OF TOUCH with reality!

Tim Cook has used this line at least twice, one at Apple's earnings call, and now at D11, and his explanation for why Apple shouldn't make a larger screen iPhone is so out of touch with reality.

Tim cook explains that: Apple seems unlikely to introduce a new iPhone with a larger screen as Tim Cook said Apple will continue to focus on other attributes, such as white balance, reflectivity, color accuracy, and battery life.

I understand that this is PR speak, and that Steve Jobs always lambasted competing products and technologies until Apple released a version of their own...but I never remember anything as out of touch as "consumers care more about white balance and color accuracy than they do large screens." The average consumer sees an iPhone's 4inch screen, and a Samsung S4 5inch+ screen, and goes...wow...that one is bigger...I want the big one!

When I first got my iPad 3, and showed it to friends and family side by side with an iPad 2, most of them could barely tell the difference...they would say "the new one does seem a bit sharper...but the old one is nice too."

I just don't understand how Tim Cook could be so off base in this area? Apple needs a large screen iPhone...YESTERDAY! I probably wouldn't get one, but a lot of consumers would.